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For us as your ambassador, it is crucial to earn your trust and respect.
Meet our leadership team and learn
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Bistra Kostadinova

"I believe in the need for the specialized service we offer, as well as in our team of professionals. I have over 25 years of experience in the operational field of logistics, as well as in process management, creating partnerships and building systems. Logistics is a dynamic industry, something is always changing, moving and transforming. As logisticians – we love that thrill. It is important for us to remain true to our mission of connecting with customers, growing with them, and being innovators in providing the best networking solutions." 

Natalia Boycheva

"I have devoted the last 20 years of my career to creating and managing a commercial team in the logistics industry. During this time, my team and I managed to turn a start-up into a market leader. I have navigated through various levels of responsibility, starting from dispatcher and forwarder roles, advancing to trader, manager of customer service, and ultimately reaching the position of sales director. This helped me fully comprehend the processes at each stage of production, and my experience in the operational sector was key to enriching my commercial skills. My passion for sales and the desire to train more people in the art of selling and negotiating pushes me to keep improving. I don't believe in luck - everything depends on us and the choices we make."